is a place to showcase the work of talented Czech designers to the world.

The goal is to inspire a new generation of designers to diversify their references, expand their creative horizons, connect, and stay in the know.

name: magenta
cmyk: 000,092,000,000
rgb: 251,000,150
hex: #FB0096

name: yellow
cmyk: 003,019,094,000
rgb: 248,202,000
hex: #F8CA00

name: red
cmyk: 000,094,095,000
rgb: 255,255,027
hex: #FF1B1B

name: black
cmyk: 074,068,068,080
rgb: 020,020,022
hex: #141416

name: charcoal
cmyk: 082,070,060,066
rgb: 026,036,045
hex: #1A242D

name: grey
cmyk: 063,048,041,012
rgb: 102,113,123
hex: #66717B

How can I join or nominate someone?


How can I join or nominate someone?

If you know a Czech designer whose work or voice is valuable to the design industry, please fill out this form with their information and a few words about why you're nominating them.

What is the best representation of your/their work?

You can choose to link to their website (portfolio), Linkedin, or to other social profiles — any link that you feel best represents how that person is making a difference in the design industry.

Profile Pictures?

We decided not to collect or display the designer’s profile photo because we believe that their work is the best representation of their impact and contribution to the design discipline.




Šup Šup - The shortest way to describe progress.

It’s not about the design, exclusively.


To create a space that welcomes designers, students, an other professionals to collect and organise their inspirations.

A destination to meet and collaborate about ideas and their impact.

An environment to test hypotheses and share practical knowledge from day-to-day implementations.

An experience that is both intellectual and practical. Ultimately uplifting and inspiring the next generation to come.

It’s not about the design, exclusively.


We believe this design collection allows us to see much more than a simple list of websites, articles and accounts about design. It will be a unique source of knowledge representing the craft, profession, dedication, storytelling storytelling and the impact that Czech design has on the world.

The value of design goes far beyond design or design thinking.

It’s embedded in our everyday lives. Strong inheritance of Czech Arts & Crafts across the last few centuries played a defining role in a number of styles that directly or indirectly influenced today's digital design.

Jan Masaryk in discussion with his father often debated:

“I envision the world where small nations like ours, inevitably connect influence and strengthen the connection – like a bridge – between the different, stronger and bigger nations. To teach them the greatness of transparency, ”

  • The Courage, is Half Way to Success.

    1932Tomas Bata
  • The True Prevails, but it’s a Chore.

    1932T. G. Masaryque
  • Financial recovery must be preceded by moral recovery.

    1932T. G. Masaryque
  • One never knows whether people have principles on principle or whether for their own satisfaction.

    1932Karel Capek
  • The purpose of my work was never to destroy but always to create, to construct bridges.

    1932Alphonse Mucha

It’s not about the design, exclusively.


We focus on craft and promotion of your passion for design. We aim to promote Czech design and Czech designers in the events, networks and associations we believe will benefit from the quality of their design work.


Typeface provider

Gelix by displaay

The typeface Gelix was kindly provided by the type studio Displaay – an independent type foundry established in 2016 and based in Prague, Czech Republic that is recognised through a number of successful collaborators around the world.



Brand by skakala

The branding behind the CWD™ is created by Skakala who has been an incredible source of creativity and his work is well known not only around the Czech Republic by far beyond its borders.




The development of this initiative is done by a rare and prestige development studio from Brno – SUPERKODERS who has over the decade developed many exceptional scalable propositions across Europe, the UK and the Middle East.

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